Advocate Public Adjustment | Call Us First
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Call Us BEFORE Your Insurance Company

It’s extremely important that you call us before notifying your insurance company of property damage. Having a public adjuster involved from the start minimizes the chance of your claim being denied and it often results in higher settlement offers, too.

Homeowners unknowingly say the wrong things when speaking with insurance companies. This often results in claims being wrongfully denied.

Don't leave money on the table by contacting us too late. Let our experts generate a higher settlement offer from the start.

We've been exposed to every type of insurance adjuster, so we know how to handle just about every situation.

As a homeowner, there are things you are responsible for & need to do. We'll review your insurance documents and clearly outline your responsibilities before contacting the insurance company on your behalf.

Free Damage Evaluation

We’ll come out to your home and inspect your property damage for free. We’ll also provide you with next steps, if you’re interested in continuing to work with us.

No Upfront or Hidden Fees

Feel free knowing that our pricing is transparent and there are no hidden fees – ever. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that we’re helping you restore your home and there are no pricing surprises.

5%-20% Contingency Fees

We charge some of the lowest fees in the industry, ranging from 5%-20%. In addition, we only get paid when you do. There’s no out of pocket expense for you as the homeowner. Our fees are contingent upon the settlement offer – no insurance claim, no fee.

Best Public Adjusters in PA

We’ve been handling insurance claims since 1992 and have some of the best public adjusters in PA. With years of hands on experience, our team of professionals have extraordinary work ethic and they go the extra mile for every one of our clients.

Ready to file your insurance claim?